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"Teacher, how do I become a Christian?" was the question asked by a young lady named Prae who is in her third year studying law at Walailak University in Thailand. A little surprised by the question  and before I could gather my thoughts, Prae and another classmate of hers named Daa asked another question: "Teacher, can we come to a church service or do we need to be Christians to come?" These were the questions that were asked agter only teaching a few English sessions to a group of law students. 

This particular English group came about when we were recommended to a law professor at Walailak University, who was looking for native English speakers to her students practice English. Little did we know what God would bring about by serving the students in this way and opening up our home to them."

-Lila Chang

"A few years ago, a group of women on a short-term mision trip from the U.S. visited a Thai temple and to the horror of their host began to hug some of the child novices! they Explained, "We just couldn't resist, they were so cutee in their little saffron robes and bald heads!"

"This underlines the steep learning curve new missionaries must climb as they navigate the various protocols within Thai culture. the Thai"wai" or bow is used to greet/thank people or just show respect. To the casual tourist it may look like a simple gesture, but it is not. It is used for respectful greetings, good-byes, as well as when you apologize.